Sunday, October 23, 2011

A lot of Lasts or Movin On

This has been a hard weekend. It's my last weekend working as a volunteer in Krakow. Tuesday morning I will be moving to Denmark. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this move. It did not come about in the best way. But, I know that God is moving me to Denmark for a reason. I am excited to work with the Danish church. Everyone I have met from there have been wonderful! I think they will be a great group to minister with. But, even with the excitement of something new there is the pain of saying goodbye. And I hate moving. I hate being uprooted. I wonder why God called me to do mission work when it is so hard for me to move away from home. So, all that to say this has been a weekend of lasts. Last walks around the castle, the river, last church services, and last times with friends. When I first came to Poland in the summer of 2009, I never believed I would fall in love with Krakow. I saw Krakow for the first time in August of 2009 and I moved here a year and a half later. And I fell in love with the city and my Polish family here. Really, I am a die hard California and I love S. F., but Krakow is a very very close second. And I never thought I would find a second family. But, I have found a second family in the people I work and worship with here. So, I am going to miss Krakow and all of my friends. I am struggling right now with saying good-bye, wandering around the beautiful city and knowing it will be a very long time before I see it again. But, when God calls us somewhere new we must go. Life is an adventure and with that comes change and new places. So, I move forward to a new adventure. Good-bye Krakow, you will always be in my heart!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Euraisa Regional Confrence aka Chillin' in Turkey

I have been in Turkey the past week, enjoying the sun, water, and of course worship! We are staying in a beautiful resort in Antalya, Turkey. We have been swimming, sunning, eating, relaxing, and having fellowship with other Nazarene's from all over Europe and Western Asia. The Eurasia Regional Conference has been AMAZING! Each of the field coordinators reported about what work is being done. I have always felt a little bit of pride for being from a District that has so many different languages and cultures, but it is nothing compared to here. This region spans 2 continents. There are over 20 languages being spoken here. The field Poland is on has 7 different languages and none of them are similar to each other. It is amazing to worship here. To stand in the conference hall and see so many nationalities standing next to each other. People whose countries are fighting or have horrible pasts of hate worshiping together.  As I look around the room all I think is this is exactly what the kingdom of God is supposed to be. Hearing all of the different ministries, outreaches, and churches stories. Seeing people that have been affected by being children that were sponsored, changed from alabaster, the hospitals, the schools. To actually worship with the people who were changed by all the programs I read about in mission books and heard stories of when I was growing up. To be here and know God has called me to be a part of their legacy. To be a part of the future of this region. There is nothing like this. I can say for me General Assembly had no where near the impact of being here on the mission field worshiping in many different languages and celebrating our vast diversity. Being here makes it even more clear that I am exactly where God wants me to be. Last night we had an Ordination service. I was blessed to be able to participate in it as an Elder. There were 5 people ordained and 2 of them were nationals from different creative access countries. Here they were being Ordained, prayed over and sent back to nations where they are killed for being Christians. It was such a blessing to be a part of it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Turkey. It has been a great time of inspiration and I am ready to get back and face my new adventures in Denmark!! :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

In The Middle Of Transitions

I have been back in Poland for a few weeks now. I have enjoyed getting to be around my Polish family and friends. I have been working some hours in the shop and have preached a couple Sundays. It has felt like coming home again. Krakow is as beautiful as ever. I am going to really miss this city and all my wonderful friends here.

I will soon be leaving my Polish home and getting adjusted to a new home. I am moving to Denmark in a couple weeks. The official move date is October 25th. I have been given a brief job description and I am excited to start work in Denmark. I will be working with the youth ministry team, mentoring, planning, teaching, and encouraging. I get to live in "the white house" with students from the church who are involved with the youth ministry. I will also be working with a team who are interested in starting a coffee shop ministry. I can't think of a better job for me!

Before I make that big move, I will be taking a little trip to Antalya, Turkey. I will be there for the Eurasia Regional Conference. I am excited to see and new country and gather with fellow missionaries, volunteers, and church leaders from all over Europe and Asia. It will be a great time of fellowship and rest.