Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where Did My Summer Go???

Wow! It has been a really long time since I have updated my blog or even communicated what has been happening here in Denmark. I can't believe it is already September and I keep thinking, what happened to my summer? When did it become September?!? There is so much that has happened, that I am not even sure where to begin. So, lets go through the highlights of the past two months.

I have been working a lot of hours in the cafe. It is hard when we first open and are still trying to figure out our patterns and business. July was a really slow month for us. We had a lot of days with not very much business at all. That was frustrating, but I think it was also a blessing because all of the cafe team members were on vacation. It made it a little easier to work extra hours for them when we were not crazy busy. August was also slow in the beginning, but the past couple weeks business has been growing and we are having busier and busier days. This is great, we are beginning to bring in the amount we need to stay afloat. I have enjoyed my work hours in the cafe behind the bar and in the kitchen. We have some great volunteers from the Greve church, that are a lot of fun to work with. Also, we have met a lot of new people and have regular customers now. Daily we have to opportunity to talk about what we are doing and why. We have a number of people interested in us and that is great.

We had a Work and Witness team come and help us out in July. They were a wonderful group to have. They started the work in our activity room, cleaned out 2 storage rooms, and did an evening childrens activity. It was such a blessing to be with them and to share Copenhagen and the cafe ministry with them. We were not able to finish the activity room, but that is what happens when you have certain things that have to be dealt with by professionals and paperwork. However, they made a huge dent in the work. As always it is an encouragement for me to have others with the heart for mission work around. I really connected with some on the team and they were a true blessing to have here.

We have started weekly church services. We meet every Saturday evening after closing. This has ben a great time to worship, pray, and encourage each other as a small group. This last Saturday we got to pray over one woman who is coming and struggling with alcoholism and she shared with us that we were the only family she. She also, visits Julia and I every day in the cafe.

Last week, I had visitors from Poland. They are the current volunteers there. It was exciting to share what is happening in Copenhagen and hear about the cafes I worked in before. They were a great encouragement for me as well. It is nice to be able to share openly and discuss the struggles we face as volunteers and the ministry. It is nice to have others to share with. I also, enjoyed showing them my beautiful Copenhagen.

There are a lot of things happening this fall. Now that we have a balance in our work hours we can focus on starting more activities and groups in the cafe. I will be starting a women's group and a young adult group. Also, I will continue with working with the youth at the Greve church. I am excited to see where God is going to lead us this fall.

I had a wonderful experience last Monday. I performed a baptism service in Sweden. I baptized 2 women who are meeting with the couple starting a ministry in the Malmo area. We drove out to a lake and braved the very cold water! It was a very simple and relaxed time. It was a gathering of friends and family. Both women shared their hearts and how they are wanting to work with the ministry we are starting there. I was blessed to be a part of their great act of faith. Exciting things are happening in Sweden!

It has been a crazy summer and I can not believe it is already September! But, this fall has so much in store for the cafe and ministry! I am excited to see where God leads me and the work in the cafe!

photos of all the adeventures