Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Things Happening Soon

We are opening a third shop!!!! The missionaries just returned from Krakow with some big news for us. We are going be opening another shop in Krakow. Things are getting started. We have a building secured and connections made. The goal is to have the shop open by October. The only thing that may slow us down is some much needed workers. Luckily there is no major construction that needs to be done. Just a lot of plumbing and electrical work. Plus plenty of painting and decorating! On top of opening this shop we will also starts shipping Sweet Surrender treats to be sold at gas stations. The BP stations here have Wild Bean Cafes in them. They have asked us to package our American treats to be sold in these shops. This will also be based out of the Krakow shop! Big exciting things will be happening!!!!! Now we just need some Work & Witness Teams this summer! Any takers? :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are throwing a party on July 2nd! We are going to be changing our menu and hours after this party. So, during the party we will be sampling out menu items. Hopefully this will help with boosting the amount of business in the shop.

Side Note- I am beginning to enjoy watching the World Cup... maybe I am becoming European.... :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This week has been a fun week! Except for the weather. Earlier this week we got up to 90 degrees. I know, I should be use to that because of summer is Cali, BUT it is much more humid here then it is at home. And then when you add in the fact that everywhere you go at home there is air conditioning. I am not so lucky here.... You do not even want me to get into an explanation of the hot trams stuffed with more bodies then should be allowed.

Well, this week I got to experiment with our summer drink menu. I got to create some different smoothy options and cold coffee options. Last night we tried out all of the different drinks on our church group. I got good reviews of them all. I am excited to add them to the menu. We have an iced latte that very much resembles a frappucino, and ice cream coffee, and then what we call freezes- which come in the flavors of strawberry, lime/mint, and pina colada. Along with my drink experimentation there was also some new recipes being tried out. Our summer menu is going to be wonderful!

So, with all this extra cooking and drink making going on we had to make a trip to Makro earlier this week. Makro is very much like cosco. It's where we get bulk supplies of stuff and they have everything, yet not always the same things every time you go. Our shop was desperate for a Makro trip, we were running out of supplies. And as I was pushing the cart through the store and assisting with this trip I felt very much at home because it was just like following my father around cosco. Endless shopping with a heavy over flowing cart. Then add to the fact that there is not a single shopping cart in this city that rolls straight. They all veer one way or another. Well pushing a cart that does not go straight while it is loaded down with food, water, soda, juice, and cleaning supplies can be an interesting task. I had a number of close calls with hitting shelves and other carts that refuse to drive straight! Oh the joys of shopping in Poznan!

Things are looking good for our shop and church group! This summer is going to be good! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back to Work

I have been in Poznan for a week now. I am finally settled in and adjusted. I think I am on the right time zone now. :) I have moved everything back in my apartment and added all of my personal touches. I love that I am back in my same apartment. It makes me feel like I am home again.

Sweet Surrender is open regularly now. Most days I am at the coffee shop hanging out. I last some of my skill at making coffees. They are not as pretty as they were before I left. But, I think as I make more I will be able to get it back. I got to make some more homemade marshmallows! I have also gone back to painting. I thought there was no way there could be anything left to paint in this place. I spent how many days painting last time??? I don't even know, but it seemed like it was a gazillion hours. Well, there is more painting now! There were some flower boxes for outside that were started. We are decorating them. And to go with the theme of the shop they are getting to ever present checkered pattern border. You know when you have been painting that pattern too long when you see it every time you close your eyes. And yes that has happened to me.

I am thoroughly enjoying the COFFEE! It is nice to be back in Europe and pretty coffee! Or, maybe I am just bias towards Sweet Surrender and experimenting with my own creations. Life is GREAT!