Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fundraising Time

Time has been ticking away and soon I will have to leave Denmark. My year contract might be up, but my work in Danmark is not finished yet! I know God has called me to see this cafe project through and so I will be returning for at least another year. So, that means I need to come up with some more funds! It cost me $1,400 a month to live in Danmark. That means I need to raise $16,800 for the entire year. There are a few different fundraisers and ideas I have to help me raise the funds-

My Running- It keeps me sane! No really, I love running and if I ever gave it up I would loose my ability to de-stress and process. So, I have 2 races coming up, both half marathons. I am going to run a back to back race over New Years with my brother and sister-in-law. That means I'm running a half on the 29th of Dec. and then another on the 1st of Jan. If you are interested in sponsoring me in these runs, all of it will go towards my work in Danmark and the benefit of me keeping my sanity.

Golf- In October there will be a golf tournament in Pittsburg, Ca. The tournament will go to helping raise funds for my work here. More details for this will follow. If you are interested in playing in the tournament, email me and I will put you in contact with the organizer for this event.

 Speaking- I will be home in the end of November until February. I would love to share in any type of services, small groups, Sunday school classes, any thing like that. Please email me and we can arrange a time.

I will be returning to California at the end of November and staying in the States until mid-February. Then it's back to Danmark to open a shop! If you are interested in more details or helping me in anyway, please email me at or message me on Facebook. Thank You so much! Please Pray with me about my next year commitment to Danmark!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Movin Forward

We have found another property for the cafe. It has been checked out by the team. Yesterday some of the team members and church members went a prayed over the property. We are now on the next step of negotiating price and contract with the owner. I really like the property location and size. We will have to do some remodeling, but it won't be too bad. I'm excited for this new place.

I was unable to attend the prayer walk yesterday because I had another commitment. I ran a half marathon yesterday in a forest in Danmark. It was a great, painful, exciting, hard, learning time. I ran it alone. I was not trained to run such a hilly trail race, so it was a battle against my body the entire time. But, I'm glad I did it. There is something about being out in the forest running alone, at the end of your energy that gets you to the point of nothing left but to keep taking one step forward. At about mile 7 the trail was turning into another steep narrow hill and I heard footsteps approaching behind me. I slowed ad moved over to let this man pass me and he told me to keep going. We started up the steep part with him right behind me and he cried out "oh God" and started to walk it. And in my mind I thought, the exact same thing! There is a point where you push your body to exhaustion and you can do nothing but keep stumbling forward in hopes that someone will be there to catch you in the end. And in the end as I saw 4 friends standing there cheering me through the finish line, I knew I survived and conquered and wasn't so alone.

Through most of my time in Danmark I have felt very alone. At through these struggles with loosing a shop and group conflict I have felt like I am just stumbling forward trying to figure out if we will ever see this through. At this point I don't have an answer to that. But I know that if I keep pressing forward with this call from God there will be someone to catch me at the end. And hopefully the church here in Danmark will be better because of it. Just keep moving forward.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Call To Prayer

It has felt like a really, really, really, slow summer in the ministry area. I am use to churches where summertime is ramped up event crazy time. But, in Denmark it is the opposite. It's holiday time and everyone disappears. The trouble with that is we have lost our momentum with the cafe. The past two weeks have been a struggle to bring it back. The pastor and church board have called for a time of prayer revival for the church. They want to add more prayer life as a church. I have taken that call both to the youth group and to the cafe team. We are wanting to grow deeper together and move forward together. The cafe teams really needs this time. We hit a low and a struggle when we loss the shop and we have not grown out of it. We have not moved forward. We have been stuck. I have challenged the team to rebuild. We viewed a property last week that we really liked. It is one we are going to make an offer on. But, this time we want to bathe this place and this decision in prayer. Sunday the church will be doing a prayer walk around the property. A few from the group will be fasting and praying from Monday until the regular cafe meeting Thursday. A time to pray. A time to seek out if this is really what we should be doing. A time to shake off the slump of the summer and move forward. Please join us in this time of prayer.