Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Opening Weekend!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!! What a month!!! I did not realize that it had been so long since I updated my blog. Time is just flying by here! The past two weeks have been especially crazy for me. We had a big push to get everything finished in time for the Party this past Saturday. And it was a push! Friday we had a huge cleaning day. We were trying to get all of the construction mess out! The team worked hard and then our worker comes in and says "we need to put a hole in the bathroom for water heater." "WHAT?!" We have our guests from Poznan arriving in a few hours, the party is tomorrow and they have to put a hole in the client bathroom! Luckily they were able to get away with only putting a hole in the shelf and not in the floor! But, that was the kind of week I was having leading up to our party!

Saturday was party day! We had special guests reGENERATION from Poznan. Also, we had 2 wonderful volunteer helpers from Poznan join us! We started the party at 6pm and within 30 minutes the place was packed out! We had at least 200 people come through the doors during a 3 1/2 hour party. reGENERATION was wonderful! The church family jumped in and helped the coffee staff. The three main men in the church were in the back taking care of the dishes like no other. And when one of us girls tried to jump in and help we got shooed out of the kitchen. The brand new staff members quickly bonded with the team and everyone was in great spirits! It was a very successful night!

Sunday we had a worship service with reGENERATION. We had about 50 people there! It was an awesome service. The presence of the Lord was all around. Everyone was blessed! And we enjoyed a great time of fellowship afterward!

The biggest impact on me this weekend was seeing the church members reactions to the party and service. They were all blessed and had tears in their eyes. And the group bonded unlike before. We all were having fun and letting loose together in the middle of the stress and busyness. At one moment I was listening to the concert and the feeling of the Spirit's presence was so heavy in the room. I looked around and saw all my polish family being blessed and I was in tears. I was amazed at the blessing of all the hard work and stress. It was an amazing opening!