Monday, November 21, 2011

Settling In

I have been settling in here in Greve, Danmark. I have been getting to know my housemates, the youth, the cafe group, and the city. It has been really good to be working with a church again. It is nice to have the support that was missing in Poland. I feel a lot more relaxed here. Also, I have been given a lot of freedom in ministry and the ability to be able to focus on people and not on tasks. It has been really nice getting back to that.

I am working with the youth ministry team. Well, living with them too. It is a fun idea, to have a house full of leaders where the teens are welcome to come and hang-out anytime. I have enjoyed the youth group meetings and times we have been together. I think we have got things heading in the right direction and I am excited to spend a year with them.

I am also working with another group in the church that is wanting to begin a coffee shop ministry. People are no longer actively seeking God in churches. From what I have learned there are not a lot of big churches, whether they are state churches or free churches here. There needs to be a new approach to reaching people. So, we are starting a coffee shop ministry. We are looking for locations in Copenhagen to begin the shop. The hope is to be able to have the shop open the beginning of September. We are still needing to fund-raise money to be able to purchase the shop and all of the items we need in it. We are also looking for Work and Witness teams to come and help us with the shop this summer. I am really excited to be helping with this new ministry.

I have started free Danish lessons at a church in Copenhagen. I am determined to learn some Danish. :)

Things are going really good. I am feeling very settled here and am loving the teams I am working with!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Week in Denmark

I arrived in Copenhagen last Tuesday and moved in the white house, where I am living with 4 other people. It has been a good first week! My housemates have been doing a great job of taking me around and helping me get adjusted to a new place. Sunday was my first time with the church and everyone was so nice! Last night was the first youth group meeting, as well. It was a fun time. I am feeling very blessed to be here. These first couple weeks I am getting adjusted to being in Denmark and learning about the different ministries I can be involved in. I am feeling very excited about working here. There are a lot of different options and a lot more freedom to do ministry here. Plus, it is beautiful! So far things are going great! I can't wait to see what will be in store for me in Denmark!