Monday, February 14, 2011

Hidden Blessings

Being Krakow has been a blessing and a challenge. I am loving the city and the new friends. And over these past 3 weeks that I have officially been moved here God has shown me again and again how He provides and reminds me that I was called to Krakow.

Honestly, I was really nervous when it was suggested and decided I was supposed to live with the new volunteer coming to work with me. Not because she seemed like a scary person or anything, but because I have a problem.... I don't really like to share my personal space. I tend to like my space. And in our apartment the only way we can get away from each other is if we go into our bathrooms! Then you add into it that we not only live together, we are working together all day too. A scary thought for a girl that doesn't like sharing her space. But, God was had His hand in this arrangement. I could not have a better roommate or co-worker. We find enjoyment in similar activities and our personalities compliment each other. Really, I could not have asked for a better roommate, or a better friend!

When I was moving to Krakow I given two different names of girls I should meet. They were friends of friends. So, I contacted them and made plans to meet up. They both were God sends. Both girls have become great friends. They both have been offering their help with shop stuff as well as just being a friend I can go and hangout with. Another blessing is that one girl is gifted in music and the other in art. Both are areas we promote in our shop. I did not know that when I met them, and was not expecting them to be a help, but both have offered their services without me even asking for them. Blessings from God.

In other news..... I know everyone is dying to know about the shop. Well...... it's almost done!!! There are still a few more projects to be done, but they should be completed in a week or so. The money has been pledged and we can finish! We have planned our Grand Opening for March 19! It's going to be great! We are so close I can see the finish line! Also, the church has started out strong! We have been meeting regularly on Sundays. We are becoming a core family and God is leading us on!