Saturday, May 26, 2012

past the halfway point...

Time is flying by and I realized I have now been here for 7 months! That is crazy! In a lot of ways I feel like I have just got here, like I am just getting started.

I have started my "official" Danish lessons. In July I will have to take a simple immigration test. I will have to be able to answer cultural/government questions as well as language questions. All of them will be done in Danish. I am feeling more confident about the language questions then the others. Classes this week went well, I am behind because they started me in the middle of a book, but I think I will catch up.

Things in the white house are going well. We are getting ready for summer vacation and planning or final activities before summer break. We have had some ups and downs with attendance, but that's the way it goes with youth. You can read about the ministry in this article- white house ministry

And with the future coffee shop church in Denmark we have BIG news!!!!! WE HAVE A LOCATION!!!! Everything is approved and the contract is waiting for our John Hancock, and then we will own a coffee shop in the center of Copenhagen. The shop we have bought has been in operation for a little while. The owners are selling EVERYTHING along with the shop. Basically we are just taking it over from them. In July we will close the shop for a couple weeks to do some simple remolding and touch-ups to make it our own. We will officially open the first of August. There is a lot we need to do before then. We still need a lot of help with fundraising, the good news is that we will not have a huge project, just a big one. We also, need to be trained and prepared for when we do open. There is not only a lot of building paperwork, but personal as well, such as a taking a hygiene course. Yeah, I have to take a hygiene course in Danish to be approved to work in a kitchen. That will be an interesting experience. We have a menu that needs to be planned. Also, we are having a very small work team for a week in July. They come at the perfect time to help us get the work started in the shop. So, A LOT is going on and soon I will busily be working daily in a coffee shop again. I kind of miss that.

Things are no longer slowly moving, but flying forward and I am excited to see where God is taking us!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Fundraiseing Video

Once again, almost a month flies by and I realize I have not updated my blog in awhile... I can not believe it is May. Since, I have returned from Sweden, the time has flown by with a lot of practical work. I have gotten busier, which is nice, I like being busy. So... how have I been keeping myself busy??? I don't know! :) A lot of my focus has been on getting Danish lessons and figuring out how I am going to be able to pass a test this summer on the language and the culture. Right now, it seems I will not be able to get into the official classes in enough time before work in the cafe and the test happens. But, I think I will be able to study to pass the test. That is the not so exciting project that has been keeping me busy.

Cafe Shopping... We have been looking at different possibilities for the cafe. We have also been pushing forward with figuring out paperwork, foundation legal stuff, and budget things. But, the most exciting thing is we are pretty set on a property! We have visited a shop for sell that we REALLY like! It is a little small, but it is a great deal and will not have a lot of work to get it reopened. We all feel like this could be the place and we are now in the middle of the paperwork for taking it over. We are also continuing our need for fundraising! Right now a couple from the team is in the US speaking at different churches. And I am slightly jealous that they get to be Stateside....

This past Friday was National Prayer day here. A few of us went to an international service held in a state church in the center of the city. It was international! I think there were a lot more immigrants there, then Danish people. It was a great experience to worship with so many different nationalities. And to hear and see them pray for the leaders of this country even though it is not their "home land". It was amazing to be a part of.

Things have been busy with Danish lesson, meetings, and such. But, we are really moving forward and I am excited to see where we are heading with the shop.