Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lessons I Learned in Poland

Here are some fun lessons I learned...... They are a collection of different things I heard, said, was said about me, or participated in. Each one brought joy and stress to my adventure!

1.) Don't take your laptop bag to the bathroom with you, there is not enough room
2.) Too much Spinning is bad for you, Unless it's good for you
3.) 75% of what comes out of my mouth is a lie said for pure shock value
4.) Tramming people is a great way to release frustration....
5.) Being a Mission Corps Volunteer is like signing up for slave labor
6.) You love being a slave
7.) Saying YES to our decorator means I will be glueing plates to ceilings, pulling furniture out of dumpsters, or tying fabric around cupcakes.....
8.) Talking about camels that spit and slurppies can make everyone laugh
9.) "I'm so Hippy" "Awesome" and "Yeis" is more fun to say in New Zealand
10.) "Just a few thing..." means a explanation that lasts for awhile..
11.) Personal space bubble means nothing on the tram during rush hour
12.) "This is one of those times when things are so messed up you can either laugh or cry, I think I'll laugh because it's more fun then crying"
13.) Happiness is not reality (our architect, but I intend to prove him wrong)
14.) Cleaning the splattered HOT apple cider off the wall is more important then the fact it was burning my arm it splattered on.
15.) You quit at least 4 times a week
16.) Ovens are not fun to clean.....
17.) Only in Poland is a church built with no logical entrance
18.) Screaming "give me a human" is not the way to get an agent when dealing with an automated answering service
19.) The people who love snow are those who own cars, not those who have to walk everywhere in it.

Favorite Memories

This is a video I put together of all my favorite times in my last trip to Poland. The song in it is "Sliver of Eternity" by Spencer Green.