Friday, June 29, 2012

trying to move forward

Things are not so great right now. Life has been really stressful. We lost the shop we signed the contract for in May. The owner backed out of the deal and so this shop is no more. It is back to the beginning for us. We have been looking at realtor listings again and have viewed a few places that would not really work for us. So, we are still looking around. The whole team is feeling very down about this.

I had visitors! A coupe of volunteers from Poland came to give some coffee training. It was great to be with them again. We spent the days touring different coffee shops around Copenhagen and the evenings learning about coffee. It was nice to have friends visit. And we went to a roastery here and we were served coffee by the first World Champion Barista. That was an exciting experience! I forgot how much fun it was to visit shop after shop. It was a good time.

I have a crazy few weeks coming up. In a week I leave for summer camp. I think it will be a lot of fun. And the day I get back from camp the work team from West Virgina arrives. Also that night my parents arrive. I am getting really excited for that. It will be a good time. The work team will be doing different projects around the church and the house since we do not have property. But, I think it will turn out ok.

I am still studying my Danish for my immigration test. I am feeling very positive about the language part. I am getting nervous about the culture part.

Hopefully we find a new shop soon. This trial has really been weighing on our spirits.
Our shop has been featured in a mission magazine.
Check it out-
Article on the Shop

Monday, June 4, 2012

shop owners aka craziness begins

It is official, we now own a coffee shop in Copenhagen!! This one-
It is really close to the center of the city, on Nanensgade. I am so excited that it is all official now! But... this means the craziness shall begin! Life is getting busier and busier for me. When I stop and think about all that needs to be done and all that will be happening soon I feel overwhelmed. I am EXCITED about the shop!!! And all of the preparations ahead. We have some volunteers from Poland coming at the end of June to help us with some coffee training. Then in mid-July we have a small work team coming to help us get things prepared. And then we open around August first!! Yea! :)