Monday, June 24, 2013

Keeping Busy

The shop is now running in full swing. I think I have gotten into a good pattern of life and the shop. That is if you can ever be in a full pattern working in a cafe ministry. We have our days of up and downs. There still does not seem to be a steady pattern of customers, but we have a good mix of busy days and slow days. This weekend was a big exciting weekend for us.

Friday, we were featured in one of the top newspapers in Denmark. A tough food critic gave our show 5 out of 6 stars. The article talks about our concept of being volunteers, how great our brunch was, and how well we fit our target group. It compliments that we think about our clients and really do have items that are great for kids. The next day we had 3 different families come in and congratulate us on our review and order brunches. Already business was boosted by a positive review. However, a local politician did not feel so positive about us and wrote some provoking messages on our facebook page and his facebook page questioning our true agenda. He is against Christianity and tried to attack what we were doing, though he has never come into the shop or spoken with any of us. But, this is what we can expect face in Denmark, or in any post-Christian society. You can see the online part of the article here (but it is all in Danish)- Sweet Surrender Review

Saturday, we started our first church service in the cafe. For now it was cafe team members and our D.S. and his wife. It was a great time of sharing and worshiping together. For now we are keeping our services simple, but will build on them later. It is important for us to take time in prayer for the cafe, the team, and the ministry we are doing.

Sunday, was also another big day for us. Part of our non-profit, volunteer work is that we have chose to help a community group called Mother Help. This group supports single mothers who are having a hard time providing for their children. We have committed to throwing 1 birthday party a month for a child in these families. Yesterday was our first party to support this group. It was a mother, her 11 year old daughter (the birthday girl) and 18 of her friends. We decorated the cafe, served hot-dogs and cake, and played some games with the kids. We also gave her a gift. Both, the mother and daughter felt very appreciative of what we did for her. But, for me the biggest high-light was working with our friend. She is an older woman who lives above us, she use to get drunk everyday in the bar we took over. She has some problems in her life and is very lonely. We have spent many hours talking with her and trying to encourage her. We invited her to come and help us with the party. She showed up Sunday all excited and ready to do whatever she could. She was smiling and laughing the entire time while she helped with dishes and decorating and serving the kids. I loved how seeing how just giving her the opportunity to help someone else made such a difference in her attitude.

It was a very busy weekend for me. I am tired and struggling with finding the energy to head into another stressful week. But, it was a good weekend. Things are getting better and better in the cafe and God is working through all the challenges!