Sunday, August 1, 2010


Last Sunday I met up with two great girls and caught a tram to the train station. Once there we climbed aboard a night train from Krakow to Poland. The great thing about catching the night train was that we could buy tickets for a sleeping car. Which means we got to sleep in beds for the 7 hours it took to get to Krakow. The greatest thing about this is we did not waist a day on traveling. But.... it was an experience of togetherness. The beds were not too bad, I actually slept! But the room was tiny, it had 3 beds on one side, stacked up the wall and then a narrow place to stand and a sink in the corner. It was extremely close quarters! But we each climbed into our bunk, talked for a few hours and then passed out to awaken outside of Krakow. Once we got off the train I had to find a tram that would take us to the other side of the city, with only a street name... We made it to the correct neighborhood, but did not see a street name anywhere. Finally I entered a hotel and asked where the street was. Once we got on the right street I then discovered that the street number we were looking for was at the other end of the street! Finally we made it to the location of the soon to be newest Sweet Surrender Cafe! The building is so cool looking. A great use of metal and brick inside and out! I am so excited to have our shop there!
After a much need rest we set out to explore the city of Krkaow. Once again we had a detour of finding a tram stop, but we made it to the Town Square. We explored the shops and churches around the square. Then headed over to Wawel Castle and the Cathedral! I LOVE Wawel! It is my new favorite place. The sights from Wawel are amazing and there is a dragon the spits fire! How could I not enjoy that? We also explored the mall located across the river from the shop location. After all, I need to know all the great places to shop and eat nearby! :)
After exploring the sights and enjoying eating out on the square we called it a night and headed back to the apartment we were staying in. One of the many located above our future shop. This time I was able to get us the perfect tram and bus routes to get us dropped off right in front of the future shop. The next day the girls took off to Auschwitz and I took off to learn more about Krakow on my own. I was excited about exploring the city and finding great places....and then it started raining.... and I didn't have my umbrella.... But when has some rain ever stopped me before? I explored to Jewish Quarter, saw a synagog and a cemetery! And I even got to try and practice that Hebrew I studied in college.... yeah I don't think I remembered much of it... I toured Schindler's factory and was reminded of the tragic past that Poland holds. I also heade back to Wawel where I explored the grounds in the rain! I may have been soaking wet, but it was beautiful and worth it!
After a day of exploring in the rain I met up with girls and we caught another night train back to Poznan. I loved Krakow! It was a beautiful city! I am so excited to take my Parents and a work team from my home church there next week!