Monday, April 11, 2011


What does that word really mean anyways??? Is it really that important?? Probably.... But that doesn't mean we always follow it! The shop has been operating (slowly) for the past couple weeks, even though we have not been given the "official" approval. We have been working through a disastrous mess and finding creative ways to provide our food and drinks with noise, dust, and chaos coming from the kitchen. But, all that chaos ended Thursday and I was left with the aftermath. We quickly called Sanitation and scheduled our "official" inspection. They said they could come Monday morning. So, Friday I went to work. I had to find the kitchen under all of the dust. I had to clean EVERYTHING, nothing was left unharmed by the construction of the "wall". How could one simple sliding wall be such a problem?? I then spent all of Saturday re-cleaning the entire bar area. And Sunday after church me and the other 3 volunteers spent the afternoon deep cleaning the rest of the shop. All this for a 30 minute visit from Sanitation Monday morning. And they only spent 5 of those minutes looking around the shop. They saw we put in the wall and then sat down and started the paper work process. 25 minutes later it was translated to me that we are now "officially" open! Three weeks of disaster and frustration for a 30 minute official visit. But, that is what we have to do, so we do it!

And now... Sweet Surrender Krakow is officially open for business! And here is our newly constructed wall that created such a headache in my life-

Friday, April 1, 2011

Workin....... or Waitin..........

It has been a slow few weeks. After Sanitation came and told us that we had some work to do in the kitchen we have been stuck. We have been in the shop as much as possible. But, it's kind of slow. We have had a few visitors and meetings in the shop. Most days it's just quiet. But, yesterday the work started! And our kitchen once again became a disaster zone! They told me that the work should be completed by Wednesday! So, we are praying that we will be able to open a week from Monday!!! Until then we will continue with our chance meetings!