Friday, April 25, 2014

Moving, Packing, Running, and Fundraising

2 1/2 weeks, that is all I have left in the white house. 2 1/2 weeks before the extreme panic kicks in. Changes are always a challenge for me.

I am moving soon, finally. I have not been living in a healthy environment and I have wanted to break free since October. Now I finally have a place to go to, for 3 months this summer. I will be living in central Copenhagen. No more train rides and commuting and late night trains! i will be a 15 minute bike ride away from everything! am so thankful for the volunteer who is giving us her apartment to stay in, while she is away. So, that means before I leave for the States, I have to be moved out of my room in the white house.  And when I return to Denmark, I will be living in beautiful central Copenhagen!

I am running again, always running. It really is my excitement and life force. I an training for a 10k this time around. I will be racing on May 31st. I am excited because I will be getting to run with almost my whole family and some women from my sisters small group. Also, they will be asking for people to sponsor them as a fundraiser for me. I am so excited to get to run this race with them. If you are interested in running with us or sponsoring one of us, send me a message.

So, why am I going to the States for 6 weeks??? I really don't want to leave my work in Denmark... But the bank account says I must. I will be in California and the Chicago area.  So, far I am only speaking in 3 churches in the Chicago area. I am really in need of churches to share in the NorCal area. It has become a matter of great stress for me. I need to raise $8,000 to continue my work in Copenhagen for another year. If you are interested in helping me,  and hearing what God has been doing in Copenhagen, send me a message.

Stay tune for the next blog, in the near future.... We will be celebrating Sweet Surrender Copenhagen's 1 year birthday! :D