Monday, December 8, 2014

A Season of Advent

The days are getting shorter and shorter, while the nights become long. This first part of winter in Denmark is known as the “cozy” time. Homes and cafes are aglow with candles and Christmas lights. Friends and family gather to share some warmth. Our café is no exception. We have decorated and filled the café with Christmas. We are getting ready for the next two weeks that promise to be crazy busy with the final work before we close for Christmas. I am especially excited to a part of all the parties this next week, even if it means working crazy hours.

November brought us a number of good weeks. We have finally hired some extra help. We have a volunteer that we hired to work 20 hours a week, the time our manager is not allowed to work. It has helped relieve stress in the kitchen. We are still getting new volunteers every week. It’s nice to have so many people interested in helping, but it is also hard to train new people almost everyday. It feels like we are always training people and are lacking help from volunteers that are trained. But, each new volunteer is a new connection and a new chance to witness.

We have entered the advent season. A time of waiting, and preparing for the gift that is to come. I think that is where our cafe is at as well. There have been rumors and talks of changes. Different uncertainties talked about between us all. What is the future going to hold? Are we going to make it? There is so little energy left heading into these last few weeks before our Christmas holidays. And then after the holidays, what will happen? A time of waiting, waiting to see where God is going to lead us. Personally, this fall has challenged me to look my call to this cafe right in the face and choose to respond, no matter what dreams, or hopes are taken way, no matter how much physical or emotional pain I face, I will remain faithful to the call. And now in the start of advent when we think about the future promises I am reminded why I have to make those decisions. Because we can not truly receive all of God's promises if we do not empty all of our self out first. I must give-up everything to truly experience all that God has in store for me. And I think that is where God is taking this cafe.  We have been pushed and challenged to look at what we are doing and why. We have been challenged to consider and learn where God is calling each of us. And now we enter a time of waiting. A time where the future is unknown. But, as we continue to remain faithful, God will bring about His future, His plans, and His promises. We just need to continue to prayfully wait in this advent season, for the promise of God. May we all receive the true gift of God's love and God's revival in our hearts and churches, after this time of waiting in the darkness.

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