Sunday, November 16, 2014

Life Keeps Happening

Every time I try to write an update I feel like there is so much to write, yet not enough… It seems there is always something happening in the café. Today I looked at my calendar to try and put the next few weeks into perspective and I thought, wow how I am going to do so much. But, isn't that a great thing? That we have so much life in the café that we are having a hard time keeping up?! Our holiday season is starting and we have events and a concert and parties galore scheduled.  Many opportunities to connect with people and make a difference.

I have started having weekly Danish lessons. I have a private teacher that is meeting me once a week in the café. This provides a new challenge for me. But, I am glad that I have a teacher that will work with me one on one and will go at a pace slow enough for me to understand. After all, learning languages is not exactly my gift.

I had an interesting experience with a customer this past week. A woman came in and recognized me and I wasn't sure how I knew her. After a brief conversation we realized she taught for a couple months, the first Danish class I was in. Not sure if she counted it as a failure that I was talking to her in English. But, after a short explanation of where I have been the past 2 years she saw why my energies have been devoted elsewhere. We went on with our day, me taking care of typical café business, her enjoying her time relaxing in the café. When she left she made it a point to say goodbye to me and tell me what she thought about our café. She was very impressed by all we had and all we were doing for the community. She left the café feeling like she had truly found a place to rest and relax and where it ok for her to bring her daughter. She said she couldn't say what exactly what it was, but there was something here that made her feel at peace. And of course my thoughts were- it’s because we have asked God to be here. Another contact made, another life affected when she was just looking for a place to have coffee.

And that’s why we keep doing what we are doing, slowly building relationship after relationship. Just waiting for the moment we can, the reason this place is so great, is because we are here to be a blessing, we are here to show you real love, we are here to help you find real life.

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