Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summertime, Livin' Easy.....

I am back...
I have been back in Copenhagen for almost a month now. It has been a great joy to be back in the cafe again. As much as I enjoy visiting family and friends, I love my work.

July is vacation month in Denmark. I think most of the city's inhabitants clear out and the city becomes full of tourist. The sun is actually out and we have warm temps. As much as I love the warmth and the month of sunshine, this travel month is not so great for the cafe. We have had a lot of slow, hot days. I would take the crazy days of the fall over this anytime. But, soon we will be back to regular and things will explode in the cafe again. I did get to sport a little bit of U. S. pride on the 4th of July. We were able to wear our stars & stripes and have a little "American" style dinner. But, like every other year- I really miss the fireworks!

We have been contacted by a number of new volunteers lately. We have posted our need for help on a community website. This has resulted in many new volunteers. Each week we are meeting new people and scheduling them for their first shifts. This has been a great experience because most of them are not Christians, but neighbors from the community. Now our ministry filled has really grown in the area of the volunteers we are working next to. It seems each time we have a new volunteer we get an opportunity to share Christ with them, when we explain why we do what we do. I am excited to see how this opportunity develops into more and ministries.

Things are going great and I am excited to be back in Copenhagen and Cafe Sweet Surrender!

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